Como funcionam os lava-rápidos

Jeff Tyson

Most people who own a car or truck to drive like it Especially When It is clean and bright. Therefore, car washes Have Become Popular When Two Detroit men opened the first, Automated Laundry in 1914 Many people wash Their vehicles at home, but the convenience of an automated car wash and relatively inexpensive Can Be Difficult to Overcome.

Inside view of an automatic car wash

There are five categories of car washes.

  • Self-service or self-service : one entry (the area where the car is located) is Usually used in These self-service systems. They have a spray pressure and, sometimes, a sponge that is connected to a large central pump. The sprayer has powered the coins to select the option you want, like "soap", "rinse" and "waxing" keyboard. The timer shuts off the water after a Certain period of time, and you shouldnt put more coins if you want more water.

  • Exterior rollover or shower : this system is Becoming quite popular. The showers are automated systems in Which you drive your car for an entry and When It Reaches the correct position, the sign INFORMS you to stop. From que point, the equipment of the car wash on your vehicle moves through tracks, performing specific functions, such as applying soap or rinsing, but not dry. These systems are very common at gas stations, Where They offer discounts When filling the tank.

  • Simple exterior wash : this automated system is popular in the northeastern United States, but can be found worldwide. You drive your car at the entrance to a long tunnel, Which looks like the portal. The front tire, Which Is Usually the driver's side, is positioned on the conveyor belt special. The vehicle is Placed in neutral and the conveyor belt guide for the entry, where it will undergo several pieces of equipment, each with a specific purpose.

  • Full service : is a modification of the exterior washing system. Uses the same automated system with conductive belt. The difference is que the inside is cleaned manually by employees. The other external services, such as manual cleaning and drying of the wheels are Also Available.

  • Detailed wash : a detailed washing can be done manually or can use an automated system. Employees clean and polish the car completely applying wax with a tool called polishing . It is used to remove the wax and polish the car. Detailed washes can remove minor scratches and worn paint, steam washing carpets and seats, clear the chrome areas, removes tar and perform many other services.
Special thanks to Bunkey Morgan, owner of Bunkey's Car Wash (em Inglês) For Their help in preparing this article.

In this article we will give special attention to systems with conveyor belt. They are used in washing and cleaning full service simple outside. You will learn every step of the process and see the machinery que makes this happen. So relax and make sure your windows are closed and que your antenna is lowered or removed. We enter the tunnel!

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