Como funcionam os indicadores de direção

Karim Nice

It is common in small towns motorists do not trigger When the arrow will do the conversion. In These regions, the lever of the arrow is the device used less car. However, signal a change in direction is one of the most important steps can be taken que by the driver because warns the other of its intention to change course and decreases the risk of unpleasant or dangerous occurrences. The car can no longer be seen in the blind spot of the driver, but flashing a flashlight may be visible to other before the first shift to his band driver. Can not give signal to be the cause of several accidents and probably is a reliable source of "road rage."

Anyway, change of direction signal, track Transposing to stop and pull over, traffic is required by virtually all countries, including Brazil (Brazilian Traffic Code, Art. 35th) code.

Everyone has used this small lever Thousands of teams (or at least shouldnt have used). But what does trigger the directional flasher?

For most drivers seem pretty simple: just move the lever up or down to the lanterns start flashing. But in fact, there is a built-in sophisticated technology. In this article, we examine a device called a thermal relay , responsible for flasher lanterns cars. Also we will see how the lanterns stop flashing after the bend is made.

First, examine the wiring diagram flasher lanterns.

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